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Helicopter tour of the Islands – Malta, Gozo, Comino – WAKACJE NA MALCIE
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Helicopter tour of the Islands – Malta, Gozo, Comino

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Take-off from Malta airport and overflight of the islands; the helicopter tour includes Comino, Blue Lagoon, Gozo, the famous Dingli Cliff and the most beautiful coves Malta can offer


You will fly on our Robinson 44 that can accommodate up to three passengers in addition to the pilot.

A limousine service from/to airport is available on request.

What you’ll see:

  • Ancient Temples

Hangar Qim & Mnajdra are some of the oldest free standing temples in the world. They were build around 3600 years ago, which makes them older then Stonehenge and the Pyramids. They are build out of lime stone, which makes them prone to the sun, the wind and the rain. To keep these temples protected they covered them with white tents.

  • Filfla Island

Filfla Island is a small inhabited island which has been used as target for military exercises by the NATO and the British Armed Forces until 1970. Its name means “pepper”. The steep cliffs surrounding it on both sides make it virtually inaccessible. The island hosts an endemic species of green lizard with red spots, the only one of its kind in the world.

  • Reverse Osmosis Plants

Ghar Lapsis Reverse Osmosis plant uses the desalination process of salt water to provide water supply for Malta. It has been built in the 1970’s.

  • Dingli Cliffs

These cliffs are named after Sir Thomas Dingley, an English knight of the Order of St. John, who owned much of the lands in the surrounding area. This is also the highest point of the island, just below 1000ft, which makes it the spot where most lightning strikes happen on Malta. These cliffs are a nesting ground for many birds on their migratory paths from Africa to Northern Europe. On top of the cliffs we can see Dingli Radar which is a navigational transmitting device for ships.

  • Victoria Lines

This is a natural fault line hosting English fortifications. Known also as the “Great Wall of Malta”, it divides it into a Northern and Southern part. During World War II it had a great strategic importance for the British Navy.

  • Ghajn Tuffieha e Golden Bay

Ghajn Tuffieha, that means “spring of the apple” is a sand stripe including Riviera Beach, Gneja Beach and Golden bay, which is the most famous one. The area hosts one of the many watch towers of which a series were build all around the Archipelago of Malta in the 1600’s in fear of another Ottoman invasion. When a threath would arise, during the day red flags and smoke was used for alarming; during the night they would alarm the people by making fires.This location was used as a filmimg location in the movie “Troy”.

  • Majjistral National Park

The first natural park of Malta, whichname referes to the famous Mistral winds which hit the island from the north–west, where the park is. Next to it we can find Anchor bay, where the Popeye Village can be found. The musical Popeye, filmed here in 1980, was considered a flop, although it made 40million dollars. Now the village is mainly used as a visistors attraction or for weddings.

  • Mellieha Bay

Mellieha bay is the longest beach of Maltaand is named after the Arabic term “Melh” (sand). It is a beautiful and wealthy area.

  • St Paul’s Bay

This bay can thank its name to the Apostel Saint Paul who, according to the tradition, in 58 a.C. was shipwrecked on the island that bears his name. He miraculously survived a bite of a venomous snake and was welcomed in the house of the governor, Publius. Here Paul cured the governor’s father who suffered a serious flu, which was enough to convince Publius to accept Christian faith: he became the first Christian bishop of Malta.

  • Madliena

Madliena is where the before mentioned Victoria Lines end. This is the most desired address in Malta, where you can find stunning homes and a wonderful restaurant called “Madliena Lodge”, which is definitely worth a try. There’s also a big shooting range, towards the sea, to train the armed forces. That’s why we prefer to fly landward, at a safe distance

  • St. Julians e Sliema

These two cities house the most 5 stars hotels of Malta such as The Hilton, Westin Dragonnara, Corinthia and so on. From the Portomaso Tower, which is a building with 22 levels and has a bar in the upper level, you can enjoy a beautiful view. The tower hosts also Portomaso Casino. The city of Sliema is a very upmarket place; definitely worth a try is to walk the long promenade in the evening.

  • Valletta & Grand Harbour

Valetta is the 4th smallest European capital, with 8000 inhabitants. It was built in just 6 days by the Knights Hospitaller and due to the grid system on which it’s build, they call it mini-Manhattan. Its 28 churches and 320 monuments make it the most historically concentrated site after Rome and Jeruzalem. In World War II more bombs were dropped on Valetta in 2 months than in a complete year on London.The capital is also the mouth of Grand Harbour, a natural harbour used by the Phoenicians. Valletta was also home to filming locations for many famous movies such as Assassin’s Creed, Da Vinci Code, Gladiator, Troy, World War Z, etc. The city hosts Birgu’s Fort St. Elmo, which had a very strategic function in Maltese history and also was the filming location for the Red Keep in Game Of Thrones.

  • Comino Island

Only 4 people live on the island and they are maintaining the 2 hotels which only have approval to be open in summer, as this area is considered a natural reserve. It’s home to the beautiful Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon where you can swim in its incredible crystal clear and light blue waters.Comino Island takes its name from the herb cumin.

  • Gozo Channel

It’s the channel between Gozo and Malta, which has a distance of 5 km. The common way to cross the channel is to take the Gozo Channel Ferry, which takes about 25 min: it leaves from Cirkewwa (Malta) and arrives at Mgarr (Gozo).

  • Gozo Island

“Gozo” is the Spanish word for “enjoyment” or “pleasure”. It has around 40.000 people living on the island and also 40 churches. You could say that it’s Malta’s little sister. After a Turkish invasion 5000 people were taken into slavery in North Africa and only 500 people remained on the island. Due to this there was a 100 year curfew which meant anyone living beyond the walls of the citadel had to come inside the protection of the walled fortress at night.The former Azzur Window was used for Game of Thrones film location. Unfortunately it collapsed recently due to a storm and erosion

Angelina Jolie directed here her latest movie “By The Sea”.

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